Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stacie - Pet Detective

I have mentioned in several of my posts that I am in a very weird space in life. Looking for work, ministry, or whatever else the Lord has for me. While I wait I have done some odd jobs, trained as a barista, became a blogger and awesome at couponing. I have of course also spent much time praying and pursuing after any and all possibilities that the Lord places in front of me. It was a recent pursuit of possibilities that inspired today's blog post. I wish, I WISH!!!!! I had been keeping count as to how many resumes, applications, interviews, second interviews and third interviews I have sent out, filled out and attended. Yes, there are times that this fact gets so overwhelming, defeating and confusing that I find it hard to breath. In those times it can also be hard to believe that God indeed has a plan for me. Especially when I'm sitting in an interview and am told that "a college degree is useless". BURN!!! Talk about a shot through the heart! Those feelings however pass with each reminder that at the moment I am exactly where I need to be. Those reminders aren't always easy or comfortable, but they are reminders none the less. For example, when a family member needs me to go to the grocery for them , etc. Each time I am asked to do something like that I feel a movement deep in my heart that is reassurance that is what this time is for . I feel like I say it all the time , but often our lives , situations , blessings and valleys aren't always just for our benefit .

Something God has brought to my attention lately is the value of my unique point of view. Well, it's not so much a point of view as a sense of humor. Because as we all know one of my life motto's is ...."If I don't laugh, I'll surely cry".  Today, as with many others I spent several hours job surfing and applying. I happened to keep count with how many jobs I actually applied for, 16! I don't think that is an all-time high at all, but today I actually kept count. One of those jobs....."Pet Detective". No, not as in Ace Ventura, but still an awesome title. Another left me answering the questionnaire with answers such as "I rock at it". In all fairness that was for a laser tag place , you have to agree to not lie on the questionnaire and....I mean...when answering the question "what are your laser tag skills" can I not respond with "I rock at it" ?! That is not a lie! I was also asked questions on a recent application such as , "When someone talks back to you are they asking to be hit ?" , "How often do you steal from your current employer?" , and "Out of 31 days in a month how many do you come to work intoxicated?" . I many times did these things have to occur before they became a big enough issue to go on the questionnaire ?! Yes, I spent time applying for "real" jobs, but those are rarely as entertaining as the stories for the part-time or "not real" jobs.

I will for sure keep everyone in the loop as I continue my search and when God comes through, as I know He will. But for now, I hope that my journey is somewhat entertaining, encouraging, and maybe even challenging (if that's what you need). I choose to see the things that don't work out just as much of a guiding light as any that possibly could work out. It's all about perspective, Right ?!

Jeremiah 29:11
New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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