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It had been a long time since I had something truly worth look forward to when I got a call from my friend Sarah . See, I've been very selfishly feeling mad , as though God has forgotten me in the midst of all He has to do and this call would quickly remind me that I was not forgotten. A former roomie and forever bestie Amber was headed out West to visit another former roomie and forever bestie Sarah . So, Sarah invited me to tag along . With the Lord using these two giving and gracious friends to provide what was needed I had no choice, but to say yes ! I believe we began exchanging phone calls, texts and e-mails over what to do, pack and when we would arrive a solid month before the actual trip . It had been well over a year since any of us had seen each other .

Ambers "first" trip to the Pacific Ocean :)
As I have struggled and fought over the idea of being a "wounded lamb" in the Lords flock He has been quick to remind me that I am loved far beyond what I can accept . He reminded me of this through these sisters in Christ . I have always felt that since I wasn't blessed with blood siblings God double blessed me with friends that might as well be . Sometimes in the darkness we lose ourselves . So much so that we no longer recognize our own reflection . This is the place I have been in for longer than I care to admit . I had fallen so far down the rabbit hole that even these dear sisters could tell from miles away that I was in grave need of rescuing . I am soooo grateful for those that know me , especially for those that know me better than myself at times . Both Sarah and Amber took a brave step in choosing to speak truth into my life when they extended the invitation for me to take part in this trip . Praise God for Godly friends who seek Him and love me with His love . They each had words I needed to hear , truths I had been ignoring and Sarah even played a little dirty....she brought the babies into it.
 Look at these faces and tell me that's not a card up the sleeve !
So, after much talking, crying, excitement and being humbled I finally departed for my trip . We had many things on our agenda while in the Pacific Northwest . Mainly to enjoy each others company and enjoy the adventure of seeing/doing new things with great friends ! For those of you that are curious our list looked a little something like this................................
  1. Find Vampires ( Yup, we went there. Don't even care if you judge us.)
  2. Find Big Foot (IDK my big foot counts, you'll see a pic later)
  3. Get Coffee @ the 1st Starbucks EVER
  4. Ride a Ferry Boat in Seattle
  5. See the Space Needle
  6. Put our toes in the Pacific Ocean (some of us for the "1st" time)
  7. Play A Board Game....cause there was 4 of us (FUHouse joke & how did this not get done?!)
  8. Picnic (sarah got bird bombed :( )
  9. Road Trip (a lot of jumping pictures came from this....who knew we loved jumping?!)
  10. Take Lots of Pictures (see #9)
  11. Laugh so much we get a 6 pack (well I didn't get a 6 pack, but I sure was sore)
  12. Eat , Drink & be Merry!!! (the long and short of it)
   13. Visit State Capitol of Olympia
   14. Get Sunburn in the rainiest state !  These kinds of things only happen in my world.
   15. Visit Bruce Lee's Grave (This was in memory of Ambers dad)
   16. Visit Worlds Largest Spruce Tree.....get covered in SAP!
   17. Go to my 1st Drive-In Movie ...........get police escort home.
   18. Visit the Fish Market/Public Market........smells like surprise there .
   19. Put gum on Gum Wall in Seattle . ..............surprisingly fun and liberating.
   20. 4th of July Fireworks......yeah freedom !! When the fire works started Aubrey jumped sky high.
We were able to mark almost everything off of both the vacation as well as the life "to-do" lists . I am not to proud to say that my elderly ways are catching up with me and I sure did have to scroll through some photo's on my phone to remember everything . It truly was such an amazing week. By the time we had to come home we couldn't believe the week was already done with .
This trip provided me with a much , MUCH needed change of scenery, pace , and company . Not that I didn't miss Jack Davis and others like crazy . JD was with my g'parents being feed ROAST AND CARROTTS . I am pretty sure he was more disappointed when I returned that when I departed . All this to say , Praise God for Best Friends !! What would we do with out them ?! I hope to never find out . Also, Praise God for caring not only about my future needs, but my current needs . He doesn't just provide for me in the most amazing ways physically, but also deep down in my soul . Those needs that not every one can see or even cares to consider . I have decided many things in my time away , in the company of good friends and with the sight of things that had before been unseen now in my rearview . In no particular order ..............
  1. Giving is easy. It's the accepting that is hard .  
  2. Adventures are GOOD, NEEDED & IMPORTANT !!!
  3. Good friends are worth more than..........ANYTHING .
  4. Challenging yourself physically as well as everything else is VITAL .
  5. God provides , is never late , and has a bag of tricks we've yet to dip our toes into .
  6. The ability to be creative keeps me breathing .
  7. I gotta keep looking forward . I have NO CLUE what God has for me next .
  8. I may one day need a I.V. tap of Coffee in order to keep going .
  9. My friends aren't friends ,they're family !
  10. It's good to go away, it's good to come home .                       
We hope that our next FUHouse reunion will include Jenny (who just had twin girls) and Jessica (whose son had just broken his elbow & had to have surgery). #lifehappens
Here are a few more fun pics from our #summeradventures in Washington State ! We all speak in #hashtags now , even #jonwhohateshashtags so feel free to look past those if you need. #wearecoolerthanyou
Jon's gum wall picture is the grossest so it gets put on the blog. #youwin

 Amber really enjoys jumping.....#whoknew?!
We went to Forks and do NOT care who judges us !!!! #teamedward
Aubrey Grace - #myminime
Griffin Boyd - andddd a chipmunk...we'll call him #AAAAALLLLLLLVVVVVVIIIIIINNN
If he is big foot she is.....#FABULOUSFOOT !!
Pearls, hat, baby've never seen a more fierce creature.
Police Escort.....listen, it's not been a real FUHouse reunion till the cops are involved, o.k.?! O.K.
Two of the many best friends a girl could ever have.
#IsthatMnt.Rainier ?!
#bffs #summeradventures #pacificocean #statecapitol
#FUHousereunite-2 #ihaveahashtagaddiction
On the day I left, by the time I had gotten home I'd been in a family van, on a boat , a airport tram , and airplane . #mrjetlaglovesmemost #redeye - my flight & appearance
 Grateful and Thankful do not seem like big enough words for how I feel about this adventure . I pray God provides many more in my near future .

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