Wednesday, September 20, 2017

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ September 20th, 2017 ~ America's Next Top Model ~


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This is #WinnieHarlow, a Popular Fashion Model & This is a Shot from #NYFW. Winnie was on Season 21 of #AmericasNextTopModel & Has Been Booking Gigs Fairly Consistently Ever Since. I Can Tell You Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that it is Her "imperfections" NOT Her "Perfections" that Designers are Drawn to Right Now.

I Have to be Honest, Music Videos, Runways, Magazine Covers, it all Looks Like the Same Female, but w a Change Up in Hair Color Now and Then. It isn't That Those Women aren't Beautiful, They Are, but What Sets Them Apart? Winnie Has Vitiligo, a Disease that Messes w Your Skins Pigmentation. It Would Be Expected for Folks to See it as a Flaw, but b/c Someone Like #TyraBanks Saw it as Beauty, Now the Whole World Gets That Chance To.

I Have "Flaws", Actually, I Have a Endless Amount of "Flaws". Sometimes I Think That w/o Them I'd Cease to Exist, That's How Dominant They Feel Sometimes. But Y'all, Those "Flaws" are What Sets You Apart, Breaks the Mold & Gives You a Stepping Stone to Break Away fr the Pack. Winnie is Rocking Runways All Over the World & I Guarantee Folks Walk Away Discussing Her Beauty More So Than the 11 Other 7 Foot Tall, Wavy Hair, Perfect Skin, Perfect Teeth, etc. Models. No Disrespect to Them Intended. I Know I Sound Bitter w The 7 Footers, but I'm Not, Lol!!

Take a Look at Your "Flaws" & Ask the Lord How They Might Be Used to Set You Apart, To Serve Him & to Encourage Others. "He Made Ya Perfect Babe!"!!

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