Monday, September 4, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ August 31st, 2017 ~ Burden ~

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This Isn't a Woah is Me Post. It is a Sharing of Demons. I Have Struggled w The Thought & Feeling of Being a Burden My Entire Life. I Cannot Recall a Time When I Didn't Feel as Though I Was, Beyond My Control, Making it Harder on Someone Else. But My Savior Reminds Me Over & Over That This is Why We Are Not to Live Every Single Moment Based on Feelings. Eve "Felt" She Was Missing Out on Something When She Ate That Fruit, People "Felt" as Though They Knew More Than Noah as He Built The Ark, Job's Friends "Felt" That He Was Crazy to Not Turn His Back on God After All That Had Been Taken fr Him. As Difficult as This is to Absorb, This is Why We Mustn't Base All Decisions on How We "Feel", but Instead on What We KNOW.

Knowledge is Indeed Power. Knowledge of Your Creator, Savior & Author of the Life You're Living. Knowledge of His Word & What it Says About "Feelings" vs Knowing. Knowledge of Your Enemy. He is a Liar & a Thief After All. When the Weather Man Predicts Snow, I Take a Coat w Me. How Should This Be Any Different? I Know My Enemy, but Even More, I Know My Creator & He Knows Me. The Enemy Doesn't Learn New Tactics, He Learns What Works. Lather, Rinse, Repeat if You Will. Knowing Ones Weaknesses is as Important as Knowing Ones Strengths & KNOWING the God of the Universe Will Use Both if You Let Him is One of the Best "Feelings" One Can "Know".

Hang in There Friends. He is For You. He is With You. You Are Loved. You Are NOT a Burden.

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