Monday, September 4, 2017

~ Glam Bag Philosophies ~ September 4th, 2017 ~ Oh So Pretty ~

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~ Motivation Monday ~
If You Don't Love You, How Can Anyone Else?! Liking Yourself, Accepting/Appreciating Who Gods Made You to Be Inside & Out IS Different Than Vanity, Cockiness, & Self Absorption. Loving Who You Are Doesn't Have to Diminish Who Anyone Else Is.
Admiring the Beauty in Someone, Doesn't Mean You Need to Doubt Your Own. A Box of Crayons Has A Variety of Colors for a Reason!! Remember, While We are ALL Different fr One Another, We are ALL Made in His Image, Genesis 1:27.
So How Dare We Sully That With Disapproval & Insecurity of Our Reflection. 
 Its Monday, Its a Good Day to Start the Week Fresh & Confident in How He Made Ya!!
In the Wise Wise Words of Lady Gaga,  "He Made Ya Perfect, Babe!!".

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