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I'm unsure where you are this weekend, but where I am is grey, cold, and wet. I actually love this kind of weather and have full intentions of treating the weekend like a snow day. Especially since we didn't get any "real" snow this Winter. Jack Davis is cuddled up in a fleece blanket, once again cursing me I am sure, for getting his Summer grooming a tad too early. I may have to break out his Christmas sweater for him to wear the next few days. I have Investigative Discovery on in the background, my newest addiction, and a tummy full of KFC from dinner making me all feel all cozy and ready to knock a few things off of my "virtual" to-do lists.

New Music Monday is taking a break for the month of May and with that I plan to get a few other projects started and a few finished. Starting with tonight's post, "I Walk the Line" a review of eyeliners. Remember, I do this so you don't have to, LoL!! Gonna start with a few colorful options for this Spring/Summer season.

Revlon Photo Ready Kajal
in Matte Marine
I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite go-to's this Spring/Summer. I like to wear a neutral liner on my top lid like black or brown and a color on my bottom lash line. For the bright months ahead I think Revlon's Photo Ready Kajal Pencil Liner in Matte Marine is a win. One end is the color pencil and the other end is a smudge sponge for a bright smoky look. I purchased this color last Summer, but hope to see it back on shelves this season. If not, you can always check or sites like Sephora and Ulta. Also, when a color is discontinued it isn't always immediately done away with. You might not be able to find it in store, but they will have it online. So, you could check Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. online as well. I paid around $5.00 and I had a coupon, of course, LoL!!! It is going to last a long while assuming I don't ditz out and leave it in heat, lose it or something.

Next, one of my new fave companies, e.l.f. ! I have become such a major fan of the e.l.f. cosmetics company that I don't even know where to begin with bragging on them. I suppose I will start with the quality of product and the amazingly affordable prices. You are going to be hard pressed to find another brand in a similar price range with similar quality of products. I have purchased e.l.f. products and I have gotten some freebies. I plan to gift some e.l.f. products and to continue using them myself. For today's post I am sharing two colors from  a five pack of shimmer eye liners. The pack was $2.00 for five pencils. Each pencil has it's own sharpener as apart of it's lid. That is another reason I LOVE e.l.f. They do NOT miss an opportunity to multi-task an item, packaging, etc. Pictured are the Green and Copper from the collection. It also came with Black, Purple, and White. There is just a hint of sparkle when applied in one or two coats, but of course, the more you layer, the stronger the sparkle. I think that the copper is gonna be one of my Fall faves w a brown or green smoky eye. Most e.l.f. pencil liners are about a $1.00 each if you don't come across a deal, which is not costly when considering the quality. 

e,l,f, shimmer pencil eye liner
in Green

Green Smoky Eye by
Clinique Color Surge Shadows
in Sparkling Sage and Buttered Bronze
Lashes - They're Real Mascara by Benefits
in Black
e.l.f. shimmer pencil eye liner
in copper
One of my favorite, basic, every day, creamy/soft  pencil liner is by Maybelline. It is the Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil. It is SO SOFT!!!! It just glides on with the lightest guidance. If a pencil eye liner feels like a freshly sharpened no. 2 pencil then you either need to return the pencil or chill on the sharpening. Eye liner should glide on with ease whether it is liquid or pencil. I don't believe you should have to force it on if it is a quality product. Below I am wearing the Gel Pencil in Refined Charcoal. I wore it a lot during the holiday season and received compliments almost every time I wore it. This one will remain in my glam bag as long as it remains on shelves for purchase. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart and it was just under $7.00. Because it is a soft gel it doesn't last as long as a normal pencil/crayon liner would, but I vote still very worth it!!!

Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil
in Refined Charcoal
Almay Bright Eyes Defining Duo
in Mocha and Cream
Last in the pencil category of eye liners is Almay's Bright Eye's Defining Duo. I am wearing the Mocha in the picture above. I like using Almay products because I know they will not bother my allergies. They're made in the U.S.A. and as I said in a past post on my Insta, if Carrie Underwood wears them, then I probably should too, LoL!! But for reals, most if not all of their products are hypo-allergenic and often you can find amazing coupons for their products in the Sunday news paper!! This product has a new name now, I want to say it is in equivalent to "Wake Up Eye Liner". It costs just under $7.00, is a duo with a different color on each end, goes on smooth, and like I said there are almost always coupons available so, it isn't too much of a financial risk to try out.

Now, onto the liquid liners. I know that not everyone feels as though they can do a liquid eye liner, but for me I think that liquid liner is actually something that EVERY one could rock. I think it is classic, it can jazz up a look, as well as be worn every day.

Quick Tip: For those that consider themselves beginners in liquid liner application I recommend beginning with a product like Revlon's Color Stay Eye Pen. The reason I recommend this product for beginners is that the applicator/tip is more of a marker/pen applicator. It isn't flexible, it doesn't move with out your guidance. When you are practicing a steady line or playing around with a sharp cat eye, a pencil/marker yes applicator just gives you more control. I used this brand for several years prior to the brand I use now and will share with you later. This product ranges from around $6 to $10 depending on where you purchase. Revlon is another amazing company that frequently has coupons in the Sunday news paper or online. Another brand with the marker/pen applicator is eyeko London. I received this liner in a Birch Box. I like it, but while it is smudge proof it is not water proof. My eye's water all day, eeerrryyy day so I NEED a water proof liner.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen
in Blackest Black

eyeko London Precise Smudge Proof
in Pitch Black

Next on the liquid line is Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Eye Liner. I know this will be hard to believe, but I did not know that was the name for this liner when I chose the name for this series. I promise!! I went totally to a Johnny Cash place in my head when considering titles for a Glam Bag eye liner review. I mean, who wouldn't?! True Story. Anyway, Hard Candy is a brand that I recall from my teenage years. They had those little nail polishes that came with a gum ball machine ring on it. They were in every magazine and every star had their polish on their nails. As trends and time moves forward it seems it has been awhile since I last saw Hard Candy when it magically appeared in my Wal-Mart cosmetics isle. I was giddy!!! I was instantly thrown into a high school state of mind and wondered if I would have time to paint my nails during study hall. I have three or four Hard Candy products now and can say that they are quality!!! Another company that is realistically affordable for most fellow cosmetics junkies like myself. In the pics below I am wearing the Walk the Line Liquid Eye Liner in "Mirror Mirror". It stays put friends!!! In the top pic I layered it with a black liquid liner I'll share last and in the second I paired it w Hard Candy Chrome Eye Crayon, which....came with a ring!!! I was amped and once again transported to my locker outside of the biology class where it always smells like formaldehyde. Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Liner cost $6.00 at my local Wal-Mart. I have not seen it in similar stores. The applicator is paint brush-esq so, I wouldn't recommend it if you are still in the learning process of liquid liner. I would save it until you feel more confident with your liner penmanship.
Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Eye Liner
in Mirror Mirror

Right is Bowie so IDK his details, LoL!
Right is Me, Duh, with some Bowie Inspiration.
Blue is Hard Candy Eye Def Chrome Shadow Crayon
Silver is Hard Candy Liquid Eye Liner
in Mirror Mirror
Wet-N-Wild, once again, a blast from my past, but a brand that has upped their game in the ever changing cosmetics landscape. I have been surprised, and pleasantly so, to find brands that I had once considered a waste, upping their game. Yes, packaging matters. Yes, price matters. Yes, quality matters. No, it doesn't necessarily go in that order for importance. Sitting next to that Hard Candy display at my local Wal-Mart was my old friend, Wet-N-Wild. I was curious after my test with Hard Candy if this company had also upped their game. The display was up to date, orderly, the products appeared to be on trend and a variety that compared with others along the wall. Prices def wallet friendly, but in my opinion it doesn't matter if something only cost a quarter if it is poor quality. If it is poor quality that it isn't even worth whatever bargain you got it for. All that to say, my curiosity got the best of me so I purchased some Wet-N-Wild Mega Liner in Electric Purple. Yes, purple. Because I have always been a fan and believer of purple eyeliner. I had a pencil purple liner that I used all through college. When it finally ran out I nearly cried. Anyway, again with hesitance. Coming in just under $3.00 I can say that it was worth the risk. It is not waterproof or smudge proof so, it is one that you would want to wear perhaps on days when you don't have concern of tears or lots of eye rubbing, LoL!! Considering it was only $2.93 and I had a dollar off coupon I am o.k. with it not being water proof even though my eyes water all day eerry day. It has only encouraged my practicing a higher line on my upper lash. The applicator is a paint brush type of bristle. So, again, if you are still learning you may need to pass this one up, but if you are to the point where you are ready to practice with a different applicator this is a good one to practice with due to it's being so affordable. Another company that, as of late, has had coupons in the news paper. 

Wet-N-Wild Mega Liner
in Electric Purple

Tarte Maneater Liquid Liner
in Black

Tarte Maneater Liquid Liner
in Black
Mkay, last, but not least on this long journey of liner, Tarte Maneater Liquid Eye Liner. It is the most expensive of today's offerings, but y' is well worth the $20.00!!!!! I know, $20.00 for a eyeliner???!!! I was taken a back as well, however, I had heard, read, seen so much that my make-up curiosity got the very best of me. Financed by some Ibotta rebates I decided to go ahead and try it out. I purchased it from and they even sent me a awesome Unicorn Queen Floral Headband. I mean, Dear Tarte, if you are trying to win my love....consider me won!!! So, back to the liner, just today I wore it. I got caught in the rain, sweat, cried a little, and even took a nap and this liner is exactly where I left it, on my lash line and purring sweetly with a wink to the side. I can get it off with normal make-up remover face wipes yet it remains in place through out my day. I'm so impressed that I just wanna wear it all the time even when I'm not wearing other make-up. I don't, but I want to. Tarte is one of the companies on ebates so currently you get 4.0% of your purchase back. Sephora as well as Ulta also sell Tarte products. I did some research and they are priced the same at all three sites and all three offer free shipping with a certain amount purchased. All three also keep up with your orders and tally points each time you purchase with them that you can later cash in for more products. The only difference are with Sephorah and Ulta they tend to throw in some freebie samples with your order. Y'all know how I feel about a freebie. The Tarte Maneater Liquid Liner has a flexible fine pen-esq applicator. So, while it is pointed it is not solid like a marker. It is easy to glide across the lid as well as come back and do evening or fill in. I LOVE IT!!!! Imagine me singing that with a high pitch in the middle of Love like Cam from Modern Family.

All of today's liners both pencil and liquid are Stacie Recommended and Discount Diva Approved, but the above and beyond favorite of them all for this Glam Bag Series is Tarte's Maneater Liquid Liner. I am a fan, a follower, an addict!!!! I'm unsure I will be open to trying other brands after this one. That is how much I like it.

Last Quick Tip for the Walk the Line, Glam Bag Post: I apply concealer and e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer prior to applying any shadows, liners, or powders. Both help to keep my eye make-up where I place it. The e.l.f. Shadow Lock is legit like putting liquid silk onto your eyes and the skin around them. It is $2.00 both online and in store. I have tried other shadow primers from brands like Mary Kay and they did not work for me, but the e.l.f. brand totally knocks it out of the park with this one.

Sometimes You Don't Wear the Eyeliner
on Your Eyes. Sometimes You Use it for Whiskers.
Thanks for hanging with me on this one my fellow cosmetics junkies!!!! I hope that this information helps you as you plan your glam. My personal philosophy on cosmetics is that it should be more about bringing out the things you like about yourself than covering up the things you don't. As with everything else, it's all about how we go into things mentally. With or with out these liners you are a beauty queen!!!!

Like what you like. Boldly be, uniquely you.

For past Glam Bag posts feel free to type "Glam Bag" into the blogs search bar and a list should be brought up for you to check out.

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