Tuesday, May 2, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ April 24th, 2017 ~ What is Left ~

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The Blush Netwok
I Believe I Shared This Quote Before, but it is One That is Worth Repeating. At Least it is in My Forever Fatigued World. Throughout My Current Health Journey & Even the Year or So Leading Up to It My Most Frequently Used Words Were/Are, "I'm Just So Tired.". Sometimes Tired or Exhausted Doesn't Even Seem Like a Good Enough Word for How I Feel. I Often Find Myself Telling the Lord & Those Around Me That I Am Just Doing My Best w What Resources I Have. So, When I Read This Sentence I Feel a Certain Kind of Relief. Its Alright if All I Have Left in Me at the Moment is a Little Portion of What I Use to Have to Give. He. WILL! Use. Whats. Left. Doesn't Matter if What Have to Offer is a Teaspoons Worth in Comparison to Everyone Else's Liters and Gallons as Long as What I Have Left I Am Giving Over to Him for His Use. "He Will Use What is Left.", SUCH a Encouraging Word.

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