Monday, April 24, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ April 24th, 2017 ~ Musical Skittles ~

Are you under water? We are lucky to live on a hill, but parts of the town have serious flooding from all the rain this weekend. We came very close to putting Jack's life jacket on him just in case, LoL!!
Today was beautiful and sunny so, hopefully it helped to dry up some of it. I've been listening to a lot of different music this last week and haven't been able to hone in on what a theme for this week might be. So, I decided it would be more of a bag of musical Skittles.

Starting this week with RaeLynn as she just started her first headlining tour this past weekend called, "The Rave Tour". If you don't follow Rae on socials you should. She is always posting, sharing her day to day and loving on her fans. Today I am sharing, "Lonely Call" off of "Wild Horse" RaeLynn's first full album. "Lonely Call" is one that I wished I had YEARS ago to lean on. It speaks to being that person that is last on someone's list and the need to resist allowing that to be. It def struck a chord with me and thought it might with you as well. Give it a listen, a download and give Rae a follow! To find out details for her current tour you can head to her website. I tried to do a link and currently it seems there are some difficulties. So, just google her.

RaeLynn - "Lonely Call"
fr "Wild Horse"
Tyler Hilton - "Loaded Gun"
You may recognize this fella from One Tree Hill. He played the ever egotistical, but hilarious Kris Kellar. You may also recognize him from "Walk the Line" where he played a young Elvis Presley or the Gloriana's video for "Good Night" in which he co-stared with his now wife, Megan Park. In real life Hilton is a musician as well as actor. In the Series Finale for OTH his alter ego borrowed a tune from his real life in "Loaded Gun". I instantly loved everything about it. It is still one that I listen to multiple times a week. I think it is clever, I love the sound, it's like a train barreling down the tracks and there is no where to run. LOVE IT!! Give it a listen and look Tyler up on Socials for his other tunes, shows, etc. A year or two ago, Noise Trade had a live album free for download and it did not disappoint. I recommend signing up for Noise Trade e-mails because it is a great place to hear new tunes, bands, etc. for free!!

I recently was chatting w a college friend on socials about Aerosmith and my love for their tunes. I recently got into a kick where I saved my faves on Spotify and play them in a shuffle over and over. I feel like this kind of music isn't being made anymore and she shared that she makes her children listen to such artist when in the car, LoL!!! And I fully support that, how else will they learn??!! I'm not a mom, but I support this parenting decision 100%.

At its release some of the lyrics qualified for a parental warning label, but now a days they'd probably qualify as a form of lullaby. Mkay, maybe not a lullaby, but you catch my drift. When I hear the opening riff to "Crazy", "Cryin'", or "Livin' on the Edge", I automatically go back to being home after school, watching MTV and not doing my homework until the ten minutes before my mom got home. I remember wanting so badly to be as beautiful as Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone from the video. At the time Liv was kind of everywhere and it hadn't been long since the scandal surrounding Steven Tyler (Aerosmith Front Man) actually being her paternal father and not Todd Rundgren whom she had grown up believing was her father. Big to do at the time. She was a runway and print ad Model, host of MTV House of Style, which I really miss BTW. Common' MTV lets bring it back. It's time. She also stared in two of my most favorite movies ever, no not "Lord of the Rings". "Empire Records" which I quote on the daily, "What's up with today, today?!" and "That Thing You Do" where she is a earlier, nicer, not slutty version of Penny Lane. Add in they hype of Alicia Silverstone fresh off her "Clueless" box office hit and I mean, this video was set to OWN the TRL Countdown for WEEKS!!!! I can hear Carson Daily now....ahhhh youth!! Anyway, in this bag of musical Skittles I just HAD to Share my current, revival or an obsession.

Aerosmith - "Crazy"
fr "Get a Grip"
Sam Hunt - "Body Like a Back Road"
fr TBA
I know that I have already shared Sam Hunt's current single "Body Like a Back Road", but I love it so much that if I am making a musical bag of Skittles it NEEDS to be in it. I love that he wrote it for his now wife Hannah Lee. I think it is super cute how he brags on her through out the song. IDK I just love it!! Hate all ya want, but I'm a fan!!!

Lastly, in this weeks post, in ode to the rain is Garbage's, "Only Happy When it Rains". Again, one of my favorite flash back songs and a anthem I sing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. IT. RAINS. Every time. Can't even help it. First of all lead singer's name is Shirley Manson, that is totally a name made for rock-n-roll. How could she not be in a band?! Second it was an era of red heads with Shirley, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, it was just a full on ginger fest, which I support cause I feel like now we just have Ed Sheeran when it comes to gingers. Someone should probably check on that.

Garbage - "Only Happy When it Rains"
MTV Awards 1996

Hope you enjoyed this random offering of music for this weeks New Music Monday. We will be back next week with more tunes! Until then, Rock On fellow Music Addix!!!

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