Monday, April 24, 2017

~ A Drink Blended Especially for the Queen of the Unicorns ~


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I Know You've All Been Patiently Awaiting This Post ! I Apologize for Making You Wait, LoL!! But, I've Felt Horrible the Last Few Days & Currently Feel as Though I've Been Hit by a Truck & Drug Through Town. So, I Really Thought I Might Miss All the @starbucks #UnicornDrink Fun. However, This Afternoon I Put on Some Make~Up to Maybe Make Me Feel a Little Better (yes, sometimes make~up helps me to feel a little better. Its a distraction thing.) Anyway, Put on M'Make-Up & Decided to Go for a Lil Drive Before the Storms Come. I Mean, I Had a Gift Card So, I Basically Had to End Up at @starbucks, Right?!

Everyone, but One of the People I Follow on Socials, that Posted About this Drink, Hated It. So, I Was Fully Prepared to Be Disappointed, but Still HAD to Try It For Myself. I LOVED IT!!!! As I Got to the Bottom it Got Kinda Sour, but for the Rest it Was Kinda Like a Mango Creamsicle Flavor. #JackDavis May Look Like the Saddest Little Unicorn of All in This Pic, but Don't Let Him Fool You. I Totally Caught Him Licking the Cup on the Ride Home. Bad Dog!! I Don't Blame Ya JD, Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Try Things for Yourself. All in All the #QueenOfTheUnicorns is Pleased.

SideNote: Thanks to @tartecosmetics for the Perfect Headband to Wear on a Special Unicorn Drink Day.

Follow Up ~

Dear Every Post Trying to #UnicornDrink Shame Me,

I Can't Be Shamed Over Something So Pretty & Delicious. Just a Fact. Anyone Who Has Eaten a Meal w Me Ever Can Can My Scales. Its a Once in a Whenever Drink. I'm Not Going to @starbucks Four Times a Day & Ordering a Venti w Four Extra Shots of Espresso Every Time, Which BTW Some Folks Actually Do w Other, Equally Sugary, Less Beautiful, Coffee Shop Drinks. I Mean, Hello, Basically Mocha Almost Anything!!! It Isn't a Daily Value Sized Soda w 20 Nuggets of Chicken & a McIceCream for Dessert. Its a Once in a While, Magical, Yummy, Mango Creamsicle Goodness, Unicorn Themed Bevi and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

I'm Queen of the Unicorns, What Exactly Did You Expect?! I Mean....

Starbucks, You Had a Pretty Secure Spot in My Unicorn Kingdom Already, but This Put Down Those Can't be Moved Kind of Roots.

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