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~ New Music Monday ~ April 3rd, 2017 ~ ACM 2017 Recap & Review ~

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I feel like I need to start with a bit of a rant and then possibly cool down as I write. This is The Face You Make When #BackStreetBoys are Performing at the @acmawards , but @kipmooremusic, @thecadillac3, @kelleighbannen, & @aubriesellers Aren't. Also, Why Wasn't #BestNewFemale Category Filled??!! Most of the Categories are at least, AT LEAST, five nominee's and for whatever reason Best New Female was only four. That erks my nerves to the highest degree!!! Lauren Alaina, RaeLynn, Aubrie Sellers, Kelleigh Bannen, Margo Price, and my list could literally go on and on with female artists who should've been that fifth nom. I have a deep need to meet the people who make these decisions.

Anyway, there is so much to discuss about last nights ceremony that I almost do not know where exactly to begin in reviewing and recapping. I suppose the opening performance is as good as any. This years nominee's for Entertainer of the Year (EOTY) were Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean. The show opened with each artist doing a small performance that bleed into the next ones. A bit of a introduction or reminder I suppose. I believe this may be the first time, or at least first in recent years that the EOTY have been displayed back to back like that. I didn't intend to rhyme that, but what are ya going to do?! It was a o.k. performance. Seemed rushed, but I am unsure how it could've not.

I'm not 100% on FGL, but I know that Keith, Luke and Jason have all won this category before. I really, really wanted to see Carrie Underwood win this. She had a album, "Storytellers" that has produced about 4 or 5 number ones, she headlined a sold out tour across the U.S. and then performed as opener for Keith Urban in Oz. She is an artist that is known by fans of all genre's, she is a stand up role model for other females, has a sports clothing line, a Almay contract, has performed at the Grand Ol' Opry 100 times, you read that correct, 100!!! It was definitely time, but Jason Aldean ended up taking it for what I want to say is the second year in a row. And may I ask, WHERE THE H WAS ERIC CHURCH???!!!!! He is performing sold out shows across the U.S. with out, I repeat, WITH OUT a OPENER. He and his team are performing three hour shows and killing it over and over. All the fan reviews that I have seen online are outstanding and I must say, I expected nothing less. So, it leads me to the question, why was Eric Church not in this category??!!!

Eric Church - "Kill a Word"
Live at Red Rocks
fr "Mr. Misunderstood"

Male Vocalist of the Year was a surprise to everyone in the room including the winner. Thomas Rhett was announced as Male Vocalist of the Year and stayed in his seat for several seconds just shaking his head. It was almost as if his adorable wife had to reassure him that he had heard it correctly. After a hug and a kiss on her preggo belly Rhett headed to the stage for his acceptance speech. A lot of folks do not agree with this win, but I kinda get it. He has had a stellar year. He isn't a newbie, he hasn't been around for decades yet, and his tracks are ranging from traditional to pop soul-esq in sound. I would have loved to see Dierks win, but I'm not as upset as some might assume over TR winning. Also, TR and his wife Lauren are legit couple goals if ever there were any.

Female Vocalist of the Year, for the EIGHTH TIME, went to Queen Ran. "The Weight of These Wings", also won Album of the Year. So, to say that Ms. Lambert had an amazing night may be a bit of understatement. Queen Ran also performed a much discussed pre-show, acoustic version of "Tin Man" from her most recent album. "The Weight of These Wings" has 24 tracks and Lambert had stated in some pre-show media that she is aware that there aren't going to be 24 singles come from this record, but she is so passionate about this work that with each opportunity she want's to give these tunes a moment in the spot light. Well, girl did NOT disappoint. Easily one of the pest performances of the night, Miranda's voice was on point, she did not seem one bit nervous and for a song that most probably made the assumption of its inspiration, she didn't get too emotional while performing either.

Miranda Lambert - "Tin Man"
Live at 2017 ACM's
fr "The Weight of These Wings"

Brothers Osbourne - "21 Summer"
fr "Pawn Shop"

The BrosOz as I like to call them, won both New Vocal Duo and Over All Vocal Duo. Per usual their family was apart of their squad for the evening and per usual their thank you speech was awesome. I love that they truly didn't seem to expect this win even though they took the category at the CMA's. I think that the brothers have such a unique vocal sound. I don't see how someone could not like their tunes. I am happy for their win.

Best New Male went to Jon Pardi and Best New Female went to Maren Morris. With Best New Male I was going to be happy with any winner as long as it wasn't Kane Brown. So, congrats Mr. Pardi, looks like those boots are really helping climb that ladder. New Female really burns my biscuits as it only has 4 nominee's. It is the only category that was not filled for the night that very easily could have been. As I mentioned earlier Kelleigh Bannen, Aubrie Sellers, RaeLynn, Cassaddee Pope, Margo Price, and the list goes on and on. All of them are out there bustin' their rears making great music, touring, and yet the category was left one short. Again I ask, who do I speak to in order to better understand these kinds of decisions??!!

Maren Morris - "I Could Use a Love Song"
fr "Hero"
Official Video Releasing SOON!!!

Tim McGraw - "Humble and Kind"
Written by Lori McKenna

In about 52 years of ACM's this is the first, THE FIRST time that a female writer won Song Writer of the Year for "Humble and Kind" which was recorded by Tim McGraw. I honestly don't know that anyone else would have delivered the song in such a way that the lyrics truly shined the way McGraw did. The ACM's chose to present this award to McKenna at one of the weekends Party for a Cause performances. Pictures have been all over socials of the super cute shocked look on her face over it all. I struggle with the awards that are handed out pre-show because so often we as fans actually want to hear the acceptance speech and see the surprise on an artists face when hearing their name. This year the Academy presented the actual trophies for Best New's at the show so, the artists did get a chance to do thank you's. This is different from last year, so, kudos ACM's. Good Call!!!!

Vocal Event went to FGL w Tim McGraw for "May We All". My vote would have went to Dierks and Elle for "Different for Girls". Single Record of the Year also went to FGL for "H.O.L.Y.". The duo as the last performance of the night collaborated with the Back Street Boys, yes, you read that correctly, the Back Street Boys. I am not a huge fan of either group so this performance was somewhat lost on me, but I have decided, due to this performance, that Tim McGraw is the new awards show Taylor Swift. If you missed his reaction to BK and Tyler doing actual choreography with BSB then you need to look it up and look up Tim's reaction. It is awesome!!!

Video of the Year went to "Forever Country", Group of the Year went to Little Big Town once again, and Song of the Year also went to Thomas Rhett for "Die a Happy Man". That song has provided some amazing waves for Rhett to ride this last awards season. I love that it is about his wife and that she was in the video with him for it. Again, I know that many disagree with this choice by the Academy, but I support it. It may not have been my particular choice, but I have no beef with it. Rhett is headlining a sold out tour with openers like Ryan Hurd, Kelsea Ballerini, and Daniel Bradberry at some stops. His wife is expecting and they are also in the process of adopting. I think that so much is happening at once for Thomas I hope that it doesn't overwhelm. I hope they can get time to celebrate and enjoy all of these blessings.

Thomas Rhett - "Die a Happy Man"
fr "Tangled Up"
Keith Urban Featuring Carrie Underwood - "Fighter"
fr "Ripcord"
Performances for the night where o.k. A few stand outs, Maren Morris w her next single, "I Could Use a Love Song". As mentioned earlier Miranda's performance was flawless, Carrie and Keith performed well, I would expect nothing less from these two, but "Fighter" is a bit too much of a throw back for me. The arrangement, the instrumental, I don't know, it just all feels like it is in the wrong decade for me. BrosOz performed and it was wonderful, Dierks did well as did Luke, I think this may have been one of Kelsea Ballerini's best awards show performances to date. Sam Hunt, SAM HUNT!!!!!!!!!! I was already a Sam Hunt fan, but this performance just made me love him more. I feel like his personality has seriously taken a turn since his recent engagement to long time love, Hannah. Who was in the audience and received some rather special attention from her beau during his performance. I have decided that Hunts current single, "Body Like a Back Road" is the country version of "Your Body is a Wonderland". I like both songs, don't get it twisted. I'm just saying the sentiment kinda takes me back to that tune by John Mayer. I love "Body Like a Back Road" and love it even more as it is reportedly written about Hunts lady.
As far as performances go I think that Lady Antebellum may very well be my fave or at least a close tie with the Stapleton's. Lady A brought in the marching band from a Vegas university and I still have the horn line stuck in my head. It was a great performance from Lady A for their newest single, "You Look Good". Even Little Big Town in accepting their award made the statement they want to be in Antebellums band, LoL!!! Stapelton and his Mrs. killed it, I mean, of course they did!!! Again, total couple goals right there. Stapelton surprisingly did not take home any trophies this year. I hate that radio doesn't play more of his tunes. I hate that he didn't take home not one award. I hate, that my intuition is feeling like they are going to treat it like a moment instead of the actual talent he is.

Lady Antebellum - "You Look Good"
fr Upcoming Album
Performances that I could have done with out....Cole, ever anywhere. I'm o.k. with not hearing him perform. Brett Eldridges performance was set up in a different way. He didn't just appear on stage like the other performers. While I like something different now and then I feel like it gave Brett too much to think about beyond just performing. Last year this happened with Kelsea in changing her outfit while performing. The night is nerve racking enough and I understand they want to entertain the crowd, but it is few the artist who could handle a performance that included cardio. There were other performances I could have done without, but I don't want to linger on that. I think this paragraph is a good enough snap shot to give you an idea.
Now, folks that should have been there to perform, present or nominated are Kip Moore, The Cadillac Three, Aubrie Sellers, Kelliegh Bannen, Margo Price, Sturgill Simpson, who by the was won a Grammy for best album just a month ago. A GRAMMY PEOPLE!!! And still radio doesn't give him air time nor do awards shows. Forever baffled. I think that Margo, Aubrie, TC3 and Kip have all been consistently producing new music and touring hard. I do not understand why they have been overlooked. I repeat, I need a discussion with whomever plans these shindigs like, ASAP!!!!
Gonna close this wicked long post with some Cadillac Three. Lead singer, Jaren Johnston and his beautiful wife Evyn welcomed their first child, a son named Jude, just a few days ago. So, even if TC3 had been nominated or asked to perform I suppose they couldn't have, but still. They should've been asked.
The Cadillac Three - "White Lightening"
fr "Bury Me in My Boots"
Live at Abbey Road
Happy New Music Monday Friends!! Now that it is officially Spring I hope that you are having a wonderful time watching the season bring things back to life. See you next week!!!

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