Monday, April 24, 2017

~ Glam Bag ~ Flaws and All ~ Its What Inside That Matters Most ~

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First of All.....I'm Not Wearing or Posting My Glam for Approval. I Believe the Lord Has Given Me A Specific Voice to Share Different Aspect of My Life w/ and For Others Who May Be Similarly Struggling, Hurting, Feeling Like the Only One. I Feel That W Each Post of Something That I Love, Enjoy, Find Encouraging or Challenged By, I Am Showing Someone That It Is O.K. To Like What You Like Even if You're the Only One Who Likes It.

Beauty Queens, Second of All, You're Flaw-esome!! Sometimes I Feel If Not For My Flaws, I May Seise to Exist. Meaning That Often When Checking My Reflection All I See Are "Flaws". A Friend & I Recently Had a Discussion on Our Insecurities. When Did We Realize Them? What Makes Them Worse? How Do We Get Past Them? And One of The Things We Agreed On Was That How Much of What We See on TV, Movies, Magazines, etc. Doesn't Portray Visually, People We Relate To. At Least Not as Much as They Do People We Don't.

I Think Half the Reason Folks Look at Magazines, Constantly Flip Channels, Scroll Youtube, Troll Social Media, etc. is

1. Yes, We are Genuinely Curious About Others.
2. Yes, Its Entertaining. It Passes Moments of Boredom.
3. We Are All Looking for Someone Who Looks Like Us & in Finding That Image

We Get Validation to Look How We Look. If She is a Thick Chick its O.K. That I Am a Thick Chick. If She Has Sun Damage its OK That I Have Sun Damage & So On. I Began the #GlamBagSeries b/c I Didn't Grow Up w Siblings. I Didn't Have a Older Sister to Tell Me About Cosmetics, Hair Products, or That EVERYONE Battles Insecurities at Some Point. I've Read Multiple Times in the Last Few Months the Phrase, "be what you needed when you were younger". It Echoes w/i Me Every Time I Come Across It.

Today I am Pointing Out a Few of What I Consider to Be Flaws. Things I Do My Best to Ignore b/c What Would Lingering on Them Do Other Than Add Negativity to My Life?! Things That I Work Daily on Believing The Lord Could Use to Make Someone Else Feel OK. To Help Someone Else Feel Beautiful, "Flawed" & All. Keep in Mind at the Heart of it All is Christ. If We Don't FIRST Find Our Worth, Purpose, & Acceptance in Him, His Word, & Loving His People Then We Are NEVER Gonna Be Able to Find it Anywhere Else. Its Important We Keep That at the Forefront of Our Minds & Hearts. "To the One Meant to Love You, Your Flaws are Perfection", I Don't Recall Where I Saw That, but I Agree 100% w it.

Pictured Here is a Knot I Have Had on My Forehead Since I Was 5 or 6. I Was Goofing Off, Fell Off a Bed, Hit the Bed Post Before Hitting the Ground and Its Been There Ever Since. Drs Checked & Its All Good So, Nobody Panic, LoL!  I Feel Like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory Saying He Isn't Crazy His Mother Had Him Tested, AHAHAHAH!!! Anyway,  I Have Proof of Worshiping the Sun for Too Long, & These Hooded Eye Lids That Have Forever Made Me Look Like I Am Squinting in Pictures are Just a Few of What I Would Classify as Flaws. School Picture Day Was My Arch Nemesis.

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All That to Say, Who Cares? I Doubt Anyone Else Has Paid as Much Attention to My Hooded Eyelid as I Have. Cause, Who Pays Attention to That??!! Now, I Love My Eyes. These Hooded Lids Make it Difficult for Ppl to Know if I'm Looking at Them, LoL! The Knot of My Forehead is a Reminder of Being a Carefree, Risk Taking, Child. My Sun Scars are More Reminders of Beach Trips, Fishin on the Lake w My Papaw, Hanging at My Cousins Pool & So On. 
I Believe That Through My Current Situation, Pain, Sickness, Doubt, Darkness, Flaws & All, God Must Have a Purpose. And the More Transparent I Am About the Hard Times the More Beautiful the Good Times Are. Whether You Love Make~Up or Never Wear It, Whether You are Healthy as a Horse or Constantly Fatigued. The List Goes On, but the Point is This, Until We First Find Our Identity, Security, Hope, Beauty, Confidence, Healing, etc. in Christ Alone We are Never Gonna Be Satisfied w Our Looks, Our Health, Our Life. It is a Rainy Sabbath Where I Am & I've Been Super Sick for Several Days So, for Today, Cause its a One Day at a Time Kinda Thing, I Will Rest in Knowing Make-Up or None, Over Weight or Right on the Money, Sick or Well, If I Search to Find Him in it All, I Will. Thank You Creator for Finding Me Lovely Even When I'm at My Worst Inside & Out. Loves, Find Your Confidence in Him & You'll Find No One Else's Opinions Will Matter.
My Hope w All This Babble is That the Images I Post Here Would Help Someone To

1. Care About How Jesus See's Us Before Caring About Anyone Else's Opinion.
2. You Maybe See A Bit of Yourself Either in My Pic or My Words & Are Encouraged & Comforted to Know You Aren't Alone. You Are Beautiful, Too. I'm a Thick Chick So, Its OK If You're a Thick Chick, Too. Make Sense?! Love Y'All!!!
Have a Beautiful Week Beauty Queens! You Are Loved!

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