Monday, April 17, 2017

~ Motivation Monday ~ April 17th, 2017 ~ Chillax ~

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Todays #MotoMonday Message is Simple, Chill the Frack Out. How Much of What You Carry isn't Yours to Be Carrying in the First Place?! Being Different, is Good. Allowing Folks to be Passionate About Things You May Not Be Passionate About is Kinda Part of the Purpose to This Freedom Perk We Get Here in the U.S. Support Who/What You Feel Lead to Support. Like What You Like. Boldly Be, Uniquely You. Some Folks Think They Aren't Livin' Right if They Aren't Mad, Stressed or Offended. Don't be Those Folks. God Has Proven on More Than One Occassion That He is Capable of Carrying Our Burdens & Worthy of Our Trust. Trust Him w Your Burdens Today.

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