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~ New Music Monday ~ April 10th, 2017 ~ 13 Reasons Why and Maybe 1 or 2 More ~

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Earlier Last Week I Posted to My Socials What I Thought Was a Cute Coincidence of a Nail Color Choice Between Myself and Selena Gomez. After Watching @13reasonswhy I Now Know the Significance of the Color Choice & am Even More Impressed w It. I Am Fairly Confident Every Time I Wear it From Here on Out I'll Probably Think of "13 Reasons".

Any of you that follow me on socials already know that I spent the weekend binge watching "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix. I was so taken with it I watched it twice and posted about it all over my socials encouraging anyone who works with or is raising a high school aged child or works in mental health, counseling, etc. to watch it. It was 13, one hour each, episodes and I literally watched them all in one day. I was THAT taken with them. Now, I also shared this warning with my followers, there is a lot of F bomb drop-age and some scenes weren't easy to watch. I confess I looked away several times, but they also warn you pre-episode with the "some scenes and conversations in this episode may not be acceptable for all age groups......" warning. I'm not saying I never swear so I was so deeply offended by the swearing. I'm just saying that I think Hollywood and people who create the majority of online programing as well as movie's for that matter, think that people in the "real world" swear much more than they actually do. Even the person(s) I know that use swears as a base to all their sentence building don't swear as much as these kids did. I also think that Netflix must have had some sort of F bomb quota they were meant to meet. Well, they met and exceeded it. All that to say, if you are easily offended by profanity, this is not the program for you. The reason I watched all the episodes despite the profanity and difficult to watch scenes was due to the fact that I immediately had this pain in my heart that this is some folks reality. I instantly connected with that darkness that the female lead, "Hannah Baker" felt in her attempts to find another choice, to think and feel a different way. I truly think that if one is honest with themselves, like deep down, we all can relate to both the male and female leads and even the supporting cast. "13 Reasons Why", was first a book and has been in progress for several years. Originally Selena Gomez was set to play Hannah Baker, lead female and co-narrator of the story, but Gomez is quoted as saying the closer they got to it the more she felt it couldn't be her. She served as one of three executive producers on the project and I think that her involvement has brought it far more attention than it may have gotten all on its own.

All that said after watching, posting, texting with several friends who had watched and then re-watching it for a second time I needed to know four things,......

1. Least importantly, did this program have a downloadable sound track, cause I NEED it??!!! ANSWER: It is on SPOTIFY!!!
2. As mentioned in previous paragraph, Does Netflix have a F Bomb quota to fill per production?
3. Also as stated above, if you work with or are raising a HS aged youth or work in or struggle with mental health yourself, I strongly recommend watching it.
4. Lastly, is there gonna be a second season? I read an article today on E News Online (which you can find reposted on my facebook), that the writer of the book did not intend for the story to continue, but admits that he is intrigued as well after all the attention the show has gotten. It almost read as though if it did go into a second season he would not be the writer, which if true would totally throw off the consistency I think that one writer brings to something so heavy. We will see.

How does all this relate to New Music Monday? Well, as I said I NEEDED to know if there was a soundtrack available and upon finding it I decided to dedicate this weeks #NMM to a few tracks from it as well as a few other girl power, love yourself, like what you like, boldly be uniquely you, tunes that are currently ruling airwaves. Starting with....

Lauren Alaina - "Road Less Traveled"
fr "Road Less Traveled"
Lauren Alaina hit #1  this weekend with the sophomore single and title track from "Road Less Traveled" Alaina's current album. I posted this tune a little over a month ago in a past New Music Monday post. It is so good it deserves a second go 'round. Especially after taking over that number one spot!! Written by Lauren Alaina, Megan Trainor & Jesse Fraisire "Road Less Traveled", is a bit of an anthem for females everywhere. Admit it or not, but we all battle times of insecurity, questioning who we are, how we look, who we "should" be and how we "should" look. This tune takes the power back and reminds the listener that they are perfect as is and that the reflection in the mirror changes based on the reflections in our mind. It is a beautiful tune and I am ecstatic for the American Idol alum that she has hit this wonderful milestone with the second single off of "Road Less Traveled". Head over to Spotify or iTunes and give it a listen and a download.

Second tune is, Alessia Cara's, "Scars to Your Beautiful". I feel like every time I get in my car this song is on the radio. To say it is getting some serious air time is a huge understatement. None the less it isn't one of those tunes, well not yet, that I'm like "NOT AGAIN", when it comes on. I still feel as empowered, comforted, and riled up about its message every single time I listen to it. Also on Spotify you should look it up and give it a listen and a save. Alessia sings to every soul listening, "you don't have to change, the world can change its heart" and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I hear that line I think YES JESUS, YES!!!! The world can change ITS heart!!!!! I so often read stories or watch interviews of people who speak pure ignorance on topics they are probably only aware of from afar. I recently read an article of someone fat shaming a store's choice to use plus size models in some of their advertising. This opposer believes that it is promoting an unhealthy life style. Now, I am not a good example of this at the current moment due to all the things going on w my health, but, BUT, I agree with those of the mindset that there is such a thing as "healthy overweight people". Just last week Pink posted a pic of herself pre or post work out sharing her weight and the fact that per the BMI scale she is considered obese. Her caption read, "Would you believe that I'm 160 pounds and 5'3? By "regular" standards that makes me obese. I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after baby #2, but d@^^it I don't feel obese. The only thing I am feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies!!". She is pure muscle!!! Like, always! Everyone is getting it. Doesn't matter if you are wealthy, famous, living pay check to pay check, a student, a professional, a mom, daughter, wife, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, dad, uncle, writer, singer, actor, etc. EVERYONE is under attack when it comes to how we see our selves. When did we decide that someone else can see us clearer than we can??!!! Why do we believe that if this one certain person/site/page/etc. likes/comments/reposts our socials then it must be true that we are smart/pretty/talented/etc. AND THEN we give it the power to swing our pendulum in the opposite direction. If so many don't like this pic then it must be because I'm ugly/fat/stupid/etc. When did we decide that the slander of those more insecure than ourselves is something that we should take to heart? How do we get there???!!! How do we get to a place where the compliments of our family and friends, the people who know us best, are the compliments that "have" to be said b/c they are our family, etc. Why do we not believe that they see us perfectly clear and that their opinion and compliment are to be taken positively??!!

Alessia Cara - "Scars to Your Beautiful"
fr "Know it 'All"
I have my moments. Sweet heavens above I have my moments, but for the most part, these days,  I often feel the confidence that comes from being a daughter of the king. I said, I have my moments and sometimes those moments last for days or weeks or months, but He never fails to bring me back to the idea that I am His creation and in that simple and magnificent truth alone, I am enough and perfect as is. Every "flaw" has a purpose. You can't let the world decide for you what is healthy for you. I am 5'1 and I can confidently say that the last time I was the weight that the BMI says I should be I was in utero. I have NEVER been the weight the BMI suggests is healthy for me. That includes a time when I contracted a parasite in another country that ate all my food and made me barf for a legit seven days straight. According to the BMI even after Anita the Omeba ate all my insides, I was STILL OBESE!!! Along the same line I add that, I also haven't always been as ill as I have been these last few years. I was by no means a gym rat, but I moved and even at what I would classify as my most healthy moment in time I was not a weight that most would approve of number wise, but was getting verbal compliments on my image daily. I agree with Pink, stay off the scales. If you HAVE to weigh don't do it every dern day. One of my survival tips when it comes to self - esteem, confidence and keeping a clear head about such things, is cutting out the size label in my clothes. It shouldn't be about the number on the shirt that makes you feel pretty in it. I can tell you that maybe half my clothes have no size label in them at this point and I am perfectly o.k. with that. It truly has relieved me of one less concern  in  the getting ready process. Five women can stand in front of you of different height, inches, weight and all wear the same size. You can get five identical items of clothing all in the same size from five different brands and have a range of differences from 1-2 inches to 5-8 inches!!! WE WEREN'T MADE TO BE COOKIE CUTTER IMAGES OF ANYONE BUT CHRIST!!!!!!!!! It is perfectly OK if you do not look like your best friend, sibling, or a model. It is o.k. to not be a size four or medium, or whatever. You have a purpose that is different than most of this worlds, CLAIM IT!!!!! And don't be defeated by something as ever changing as the opinions of others, weight, and beauty.

Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
fr "13 Reasons Why"
Selena Gomez - "Kill Em W Kindness"
fr "13 Reasons Why"
Something unique about this modern telling of life and death is the soundtrack that accompanies it. A throw back in time for the most part it is a perfect grey cloud that follows the story around through each episode. Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" has been around for several decades, but I don't think it is a track that ever gets old or irrelevant. It is always perfect. I chose a Selena Gomez track from the 13 Reasons Spotify list because of how much attention she has been able to bring to the topic of mental health in general, but also that of today's teens. No one has it easy. Even Gomez has commented on having to take some time away from the spot light, cancelling dates of a tour, and heading to a facility to get her mind right. I watch "reality" t.v. and am often flooded with sadness for some of these people/families. All this money, all this attention, all these opportunities that so many would LOVE to have and still, they find themselves empty, lonely, insecure, hungry and starving for something that their money and notoriety can't afford them. It's heart breaking sometimes.
I'll be honest with you and say that I do NOT know how folks get through this life with out Jesus. I am far from perfect and I know that I probably get it wrong far more times that I ever get it right, but I know day in and day out that despite my times of failing faith my salvation has afforded me a constant counselor, companion, listening ear, sympathizing heart, friend, guide, rescue, healer, provider, protector, hiding place, and sets with in me a self confidence that can come from no where nor no one else. I know that I don't look like you. I'm growing more and more o.k. with that each and every day. Hence the new Glam Bag series.
I am, with several decades under my belt now, finally finding a space where I am in love with who I am and how God has created me, even the flaws. See, to Him they aren't flaws. I'm not all that concerned with being seen as beautiful by a world that allows women to starve themselves in order to grace a cover or walk a runway. A world that see's at home mom/wife duties as not being  a "real" job. My list could go on for days of how I disagree with the world so, it's best I stop here. Point blank, I am SO very grateful for my God and the relationship I am allowed with Jesus through my salvation. Even with the parts of me I don't like or would have requested differently had I been given a vote, I keep going back to this place of God's purpose. There is a purpose for every "flaw" and "perfection" , "struggle" and "victory".
I watched 13 Reasons and as a foolish girl sometimes does, I spoke to the characters on the T.V. screen trying to remind them of where their worth should really be found. To alert them to the fact that High School is a genuine blip on the radar of life. Not to be all cliché, but it DOES in fact get better. My cries to the screen reminded me this was meant to be a depiction/refection/a reminder of what kids are dealing with. How they are or aren't communicating with those placed around them for these dark and difficult times. Lets agree to pray for our youth. Lets hope the music, if nothing or no one else, gets through to them. Hope that the music becomes the words, conversations, prayers, that each listener needs to make it through to the next moment, day, week, etc. That the music would be the friend, confidence, inspiration that one might need to securely slide into the skin they're in and love it. You've got a purpose. You are not alone. He is with you. He is for you. Hang on. Just. Keep. Hanging. On......if even only by your pinky finger.....that's painted cobalt blue, (wink).
I got kinda heavy on this weeks share, but sometimes the heavy needs addressed. I promise next week to have brain candy prepared for you and your ears. Until then, download these tunes on Spotify, itunes, etc. It truly is a great sound track top to bottom.

Lord Huron - "The Night We Met"
fr "13 Reasons Why"

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