Monday, April 17, 2017

~ Easter 2017 ~

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I Live in a Town Where Most Do Not Fear Sharing Their Faith. A Town Where Some Places Close Early on Wednesday & Don't Open at All on Sunday So That Employees Can Go to Church if They Want. Directly Across fr My House There is a Cross That Glows at Night, Placed on the Mountain Top. I've Written About it Before, but Long Story Short It Amazes Me How He Keeps These Unexpected, Yet Absolutely Beautiful Reminders Around for Not Just Me, but the Entire Town.

A Month or So Ago I Went for a Night Drive. Ya Know, Cause Sometimes You Just Need a Night Drive?! Anyway, This Cross Had Been Added to a Barn That's' Been Around for as Long as I Can Remember. I Was Surprised & Moved All at the Same Time. I Was Blessed by Yet Another Reminder That While it Can be Difficult or Frustrating at Times, I Am Exactly Where He Wants Me, For The Moment at Least. I'm Grateful He Cares Enough to Speak to Me in Ways I'll Understand.

I'm Grateful for the Images He Uses to Show Us His Power, Promise & Love. Today is in Remembrance of the Greatest Image He Has Left for Us, an Empty Tomb. Praise the Lord for All He Has Done & for All He Has Yet to Do. Thank You Father for Loving Me So Consistently & in a Way That Lets Me Know You Know Me!!!! Happy Easter Loved Ones! May the Beauty of His Promises Fulfilled Fuel Your Day.

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