Monday, April 17, 2017

~ New Music Monday ~ April 17th, 2017 ~ Fans and Brain Candy ~

Last weeks post was a bit heavy considering I was just coming out of my "13 Reasons Why" binge-a-thon. I promised that this week would be lighter and I am a gal who does her best to keep her promises. I also want to use this post to take a minute to share with fellow fans.....calm down. Coming off of my spiral I was reminded that not all music is meant to be deep, meaningful, or a grey cloud that follows you from moment to moment. Some songs, some beats, some videos....are JUST FOR FUN!!!! SO, FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC, JUST CHILL THE (insert swear here) OUT!!!!!!!

D.J.'s play the same song every hour because their listener ratings peak during those songs, because their listeners call and request those tunes in outstanding numbers, because these are the songs leading sales charts, and because of drive time, etc. I'm sorry. It is unjust. Some artist are NEVER going to get the air time they so rightly deserve. Stapleton, didn't take home one ACM this year. Last year swept nearly every category he was in and I still didn't hear him every hour on the hour, but I sure do, against my will, know the lyrics to H.O.L.Y. And hello, I will always point back to this fact, Sturgill Simpson won record of the year at THE GRAMMYS.......THE GRAMMYS (imagine me talking with my hands and making wide gestures of excitement) and was he at the ACM or CMA awards? No. Have I EVER heard him on radio? No. Do his video's get shared on countdowns? No. Does he continue to sell out shows here and abroad? Yes. Do artists in other genre's realize and acknowledge his talent? Yes. Is he the only artist with a dog in this fight? No. Will he be the last? No.

Kip Moore - "Guitar Man"

All that to say, quit your cryping about how jacked the "system" is. I mean, some artist are not radio artist yet have a killer fan base, make good music, live a good life touring and selling that music while remaining true to themselves, their fans and their art. It happens. They exist. Stop blaming radio for doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing, sharing top tunes, exposing listeners to new tunes, and helping folks pass time. When do you listen to the radio? At Work? While Cleaning? I listen to the radio in my car, when it is piped in a store.......that is all. The rest of the time I listen to music on CD or Streaming. Now a days one of radio's main purposes is to help us pass time or win prizes. No longer a main source of news or entertainment it gives us something to lean on to get through a moment/a day. "November Rain" is 8:57, "Free Bird" can go over 14 min. depending, Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me", 7:37 give or take. These are all chart toping songs that when radio did decide to play them, had to be edited down. Kip Moore's, "Guitar Man" is about six min depending on if he sings it at the VIP or the main show and depending on if he tells a story prior to singing it. So, sometimes it may even be more like ten minutes, LoL!! My point? Even Kip said that "Guitar Man" would never be a single. Not all works of art are intended for the popular public consumption. Some of it is solely for the artist and their true fans. And ya know what? That is perfectly fine. I rather be the only friend in my group to know a Kip song and be the one that makes them listen to "Wild Ones" on repeat, than have everyone know it because he collaborated with someone just to sell records. If Kip is o.k. with not being a radio artist and has repeatedly shared with his fans from the stage and in interviews that he is in it because of them and for the music, why, OH WHY, would I get mad at radio?! If Kip ain't mad at ch'ah....I ain't mad at ch'ah.

O.k. back to topic, brain candy, myself and a few of my friends are having a legit case of the Monday' case you didn't pick up on that in the first few paragraphs. So, a post of fun tunes is just what we need to drown out the racket of the neighbors having tree's trimmed. Wait, or is that just me?! Anyway, I know it is Monday and the weekend is a solid four.....ish days away, but I wanted to start this post of mixed jelly beans with Kip Moore and "Freakin' Weekend". I heard a glimpse of this tune in a video of Kip and the guys sound checking and I needed to hear more....or is it Moore?! Kip is known to have a catalog of tunes so extensive that it very well may be impossible to even consider getting to hear them all in my life time. "Freakin' Weekend" is one of those vaulted tunes that hasn't been on a set list in so long that most may not even know it exists. All my research and I was only able to find two vids, neither of amazing quality, with more than a few seconds of the song. So, whomever posted this vid to Youtube, THANK YOU!! I owe ya one! Back to the catalog, personally, my vote, let's nix "Motorcycle" and replace with FW, but that's just me.

Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts - "Freakin' Weekend"

Kelleigh Bannen - "Landlocked"
fr "Cheap Sunglasses" EP
Along the lines of days that seem too far away, I share Kelleigh Bannen's Summer tune, "Landlocked". It is from her EP released last Summer titled, "Cheap Sun Glasses". The EP has five tunes on it and let me tell you that each and everyone of them is amazing!! It gets me all riled that folks like Kelleigh, RaeLynn, Aubrie Sellars, etc. aren't getting the air play or award show love that they should be. But I digress......... "Landlocked" is a fun summer tune for those of us living far from the water or with out friends who own boats. It's a fun telling of country summer resourcefulness!! Give it a watch, a listen, a download and then head over to Bannens socials and give her a follow.

If the current video for Kelsea Ballerini's, "Yeah Boy" doesn't scream brain candy, I'm unsure what will. Bright colors, fun little dances, a high pony and the signature Kelsea romper this last tune released from "For the First Time", is a visual break. I don't have to think hard. I don't have to be reminded of heart ache. I don't have to think about payin' m'bills all I gots to think is where's sister get all them rompers and do they make em' for thick chicks??!!!! Ballerini has shared that this will be the last single off of her record breaking freshman release, "For the First Time". She has promised new tunes in 2017, but is also planning her wedding to fellow country singer Morgan Evans from Australia so, I guess we will see which happens first. Watch the vid below and veg out for 3 minutes and 19 seconds.


Kelsea Ballerini - "Yeah Boy"
fr "For the First Time"

Guns N Roses - "Paradise City"
Don't you even try to tell me that you don't hear those first few notes and automatically start doing the Axle sway. I won't believe you. It isn't possible. Physically, mentally, it just isn't possible. Taking it back to the days when I rode the bus to and from school, wasn't allowed to go to rock concerts and my mom thought Roxette was heavy metal because they used a electric guitar. I can not think musical brain candy and not think of "Paradise City". I can't. Just can't. Sorry, not sorry.
O.K. kiddies, momma has to go veg out now. I hope you have a beautiful week and enjoy some awesome brain candy on your drives to work, running errands, etc. 

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