Friday, February 2, 2018

~ Insta Blog ~ Chronic Illness ~ Migraine Brain ~ Head Banging ~

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Head isn't all rock-n-roll. I've Had Severe, Chronic Migraines My Entire Life. Prior to Being Able to Verbalize My Pain & Symptoms I've Been Told That as a Child I Would Bang My Head Against the Floor. It Scared Everyone to Death. Later When I Was Diagnosed it All Made Sense. I Personally Believe it isn't a Symptom Like Auras, but a Effe...ct. Trading One Pain You Can't Control for One You Can. Its Hard for Someone Who Hasn't Experienced Severe, Chronic Pain to Completely Understand the Trade or the Fact that Even as a Toddler One Instinctually Knows to Trade the Pain. There is Tons More on This Part of #MigraineBrain if You Wanna Google & What Not. I Just Wanted to Share a Little More Insight & Perhaps Evoke a Little More Sympathy for Those in Your Life Who Suffer. The Only Way to Truly Understand is to Experience it &/or Be Educated on It. Thats My Belief Anyway. Love Someone Today. S
hare a Little Grace & Understanding, I Think We ALL Could Use Some. 

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