Friday, February 2, 2018

~ New Music Monday ~ Grammy's 2018 ~


Grammy's 2018........2018 Grammy's.........How can one event have so little to be said about it and yet so much all at the same time? The 2018 Grammy's had a few stellar performances, one of which was a duet between Sir Elton John and the one and only, Miley Cyrus. In a princess-esq ball gown and very romantic hair and make up, Miss Cyrus joined in on John's iconic, "Tiny Dancer". There is a lot to discuss when it comes to Miley, but one thing that she seems to always do extremely well is duets. She nailed a duet with Billy Idol last Spring, did a duet with Ariana Grande after the concert bombing in London, has sung with Dolly and of course her father, Billy Ray. She seems to always come in exactly where she should be. Grammy night this go 'round was no different. One of my favorite performances of the night.

My second favorite goes to Bruno Mars, the Hooligans and Cardi B. The night was filled, FILLED with ballads, emotional speeches, the weight of politics, the Me Too movement, and Times Up. It was a very heavy room before anyone even entered it. So, I was super glad when Mars and crew turned things up and reminded everyone what a proper beat can be like at a live awards show. Introducing Cardi B. into the Grammy performance books I think she was a perfect addition to Mars' regular Hooligans. She held her own and even pushed the established and big winner of the night, Bruno, around a bit. GRL PWR!!!!
Mars was a big winner for the night walking away with five trophy's and endless bragging rights. One upset in my opinion was the Best Pop category, the only category dominated by females and the one male in the pack, wins. I love Ed Sheeran! Let's get that out of the way first, but I do not think his work surpassed the other noms. Along these lines I must also comment on the fact that out of 60+ awards, only 11 went to solo females. Solo females as in not apart of a group like Little Big Town, who won a trophy as well, BTW.
You cannot discuss the evening with out discussing Kesha's performance of "Praying". It is well documented that Kesha sued her producer over sexual assault. The court case has drug on and on and poor Kesha has been slut shammed, questioned, judged, and put through the media circus and judicial system ringer. At one point it was decided that she would have to continue working with said producer in order to finish out her contract, something she refused. It is believed that "Praying" is Kesha's response to her abuser as well as her battle cry for fellow victims. With the Me Too and Times Up movements making such strides since the outing of the abuse handed out by some of Hollywood's elite, it made the performance even more poignant. Joined by Cindy Lauper, Andre Day, Camellia, and several other artists the performance was closed with a group hug. A show of support. I think that everyone in the room and everyone watching felt every little and big pain that surged through Kesha in that performance. My hope for her is that she can move forward feeling more powerful and capable than she ever has.

Country music was well represented this year with Chris Stapletion, Little Big Town, and Jason Isbelle all taking home wins. Stapleton also performed with Emmy Lou Harris, Little Big Town performed their hit, "Better Man", written by Taylor Swift, who did not attend this year. The Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris and Eric Church sang Eric Claptons, "Tears in Heaven", for all those we lost and those still recovering from the Las Vegas shooting as well as the other terrorist-esq attacks that have happened at concerts this last year. Church has shared multiple times how heavy the Vegas shooting has weighed on him. He along with Morris and Bros Oz had performed at the festival nights prior to the shooting. I'm not sure if it was emotions, but Church was a tad off vocally as far as going with the harmonious theme of his vocal counter parts. I tend to think it was emotions considering the names of those lost were high lighted on the stage behind them and both Bros Oz and Maren gave a powerful and perfect vocal offering. Watch and judge for yourself. For me, I give him a pass because I probably wouldn't have even been able to get that out in such a emotional moment.
The 2018 Grammy's were a bit blah-dee-dah overall. Like I said, the room was heavy before anyone even entered it. It was a night filled with ballads and honestly very little celebration. I think my most favorite part is the camera catching Blue Ivy telling her power couple parents, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to chill out with the clapping. I suppose if anyone was going to do it, it needed to be her, lol!! Camera's also caught Blue enjoying a snack and juice box during the show. I mean, why doesn't everyone have that in their purses for the night?! Or one of those go-gurt things?! Anyway, I digress.
Have you any thoughts on the Grammy's ? Favorite performances ? Winners ? :Losers? Snubs? Blue Ivy moments ? Feel free to share in the comments section. Check back next week as I will be discussing Super Bowl half time. I mean, it may take some time because I am CONFIDENT I will be in mourning after the "This is Us" episode post game, but I mean, once I uncover the mirrors I'll be sharing my thoughts on JT. Honestly, I have high expectations. JT has only killed it in past Super Bowl moments, I mean, if we ignore that Janet and her boob thing. Anyway, catch ya on the flip, music lovers!!
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