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~ New Music Monday ~ February 19th, 2018 ~ Your Cheatin' Heart ~

Happy New Music Monday to you all!! Did you survive Valentines without punching anyone in the throat?! I hope so.....and if tell!!!! This week I have been inspired by those lyin', cheatin', no good, low down, river rats that inspire tunes like "Jolene", "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under" and most recently, Cam's, "Diane".

Cam has said that "Diane" is in reply to Dolly Parton's, "Jolene", the flip of the coin, the story from the unknowingly mistress' side of things. The official video can be found on Youtube as well as on Cam's socials and site. Below you will find the lyric video and harmonies that haunt. I love this song even though it is about lyin' and cheatin', lol!! The architecture of the song is just so beautiful that she very well could be reading me the menu off a drive thru and I'd feel just as emotional about it.

I think the lyrics are clever and this is a wonderful lead into whatever Cam is going to release next. Her debut album, "Untamed" had so much success with it's first single, "Burning House" that I think it became difficult to follow up with more singles. "Mayday" was the last one released from the project and had a beautiful video that went with it. I loved the entirety of "Untamed" and would love to have heard more from it at radio, but I also understand why Cam would be ready to move forward. "Burning House" was nominated for everything from an ACM to a Grammy. That said, "Untamed" is something to be proud of and a great diving board for a second project. Give "Diane" a listen and feel free to tell us what ya think!

CAM - "Diane"
Lyric Video - Youtube
Dolly Parton - "Jolene"
fr "I will always love you"
I can't discuss Cam's, "Diane" and not share Dolly's, "Jolene". After all, it was part of the inspiration behind the new single. As I said before, "Diane" is a response from the mistress to the wife of the man she's been seeing. While "Jolene" is a conversation from the wife to the mistress and is written under the assumption that the mistress knows she is with a taken man. I love the way these two bounce off of one another and would straight up DIE to hear a collaboration/mix with Dolly and Cam on an awards show with these two tunes!!! DIE!!!! Like, dig me a hole in the ground, buy me a headstone, DIE!! I'm putting it out there and crossing my fingers! "Jolene" has been covered by pretty much everyone, but one of my faves is Jack White's cover. Its angry, it's loud, it's how we really feel about such things. Not so delicately spoken. Anyway, Give Dolly's track a listen and feel free to share your thoughts on the two tracks in the comment section. 

Whilst we are on the topic of liar liars pants on fire, I have a need to share Shania Twain's, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under". It was the first track off of Twain's chart topping, "The Woman in Me" and it is still a tune that I think most people know the words to. It's a straight forward, I know you ain't been alone, so, tell me where you've been cause I'ma find out anyway!!!! I'm a straight forward kind of gal so, I have a certain respect for songs that say things that I think, lol!! Have a little flashback and watch the vid below from Twain's Vegas show of "Whose Boots....".

Shania Twain - "Whose Bed..."
Vegas - Youtube
Carrie Underwood - "Before He Cheats"
David Lettermen - Youtube
I can't leave out Carrie Underwood's, "Before He Cheats", when writing about cheaters! Again, she sings what we think or would like to do. Heck, I am confident that some of you have indeed taken a bat to a mans headlights. No judgment. Some folks require something dramatic in order to pay attention to what's going on. Carrie has attained a bit of reputation with her music in that the men don't tend to fair so well in her songs!! She joked about a track from her last album saying that at least she didn't kill anyone in it, LoL!! I mean, if there wasn't so much real life inspiration on the topic then perhaps there'd be less songs about it, but there is, so, there isn't.
Fingers crossed that none of these tunes encapsulate your Valentines week and here's to hoping you never need one of them to get you through!
Have a wonderful week, Music Addix!!! Catch ya on the flip!

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