Friday, February 2, 2018

~ Insta Blog ~ January 30th, 2018 ~ Migraine Brain Continued. ~

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#ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness Insight via @pinterest & @themightysite 
 I Was Diagnosed w Chronic Severe Migraines as a Very Young Child. I've Had Endless Tests, Xrays, CTs, MRIs, & Have Been to Allergist, Neurologist, Maxillofacial Drs, Dentist (to see if I had a 2nd set of permanent teeth growing behind my first set, apparently thats a thing & it causes migraines). Spent Days/Weeks in Children's Hospitals/Hospital & All to No Real Avail. We Have Not Found a "Root" for My Migraines in All These Years & That is Actually Normal in the Migraine Community.
At 26 I Was Diagnosed w RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) an Auto Immune Disease that Causes Your White Blood Cells (the fixers) to Attack One Another Instead of Germs, Infection, etc. I Always Joked Growing Up That My Body Hated Me....This Was Scientific Proof I Was Right. You Have to Be Tested for What's Called the Rheumatoid Factor & There is No Cure. You Simply Adapt.
This isn't My Complete Med History Nor is it All There is to Know About My Health or These Two Conditions. If You are Curious I Would Encourage You to Research & Always Feel Free to Ask Me ?'s. I'll Answer as Best I Can. I Wanted to Share This b/c I KNOW There is Someone Suffering in a Similar Way That is Praying Someone w a Little Understanding Will Cross Their Path & Hand Out Some Grace & A "it'll be ok". I Hope You Feel You Might Can Be That Person Now, for Someone. 

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