Thursday, April 12, 2018

~ Glam Bag ~ Questions, Suggestions & All That Jazz ~

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Loves, I So Enjoy Getting & Helping You Find Answers to Your Beauty & Fashion Questions! My Inbox is One of My New Happy Places, LoL!! I By No Means Consider Myself an "Expert", but As I've Said Many Times Before, I Was Raised On #MaryKay! I've Grown Up Around Fierce Females Who are So Perfectly Feminine & Glam That I'm Unsure I Would've Turned Out Any Other Way! I've Been a Fashion Magazine Hoarder Since the Days of @seventeen Being My Core Teen Glam Resource. I Share My Day to Day Cosmetic, Product, Fashion, Accessory Choices B/C I Am Always Looking for Recommendations Myself. One of the Goals of #GlamBag is to Be the Sister/Best Friend Who Tests Things Out So You Don't Have To! To Share Recommendations, Where, What, Cost, Etc. To Save You Some Dollars, Time & Energy. I Strongly Believe in the Idea of One Being/Becoming What One/Yourself Needed, at One Time. If That Makes Sense to Ya. All That to Say, Keep 'Em Coming!! I'm Here for You & If I Don't Have an Answer I'll Do My Best to Find One or Get You a Resource Who Does. Happy Glamming!!

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