Thursday, April 12, 2018

~ Glam Bag ~ Women Who are Uniquely Themselves ~ Barbra Streisand ~

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The Rare EGOT (Emmy Grammy Oscar & Tony) Winner.
Babs aka Barbra Streisand was inundated w less than encouraging feed back when she got started & really, still is at times. Her finger nails are so iconic that a directors note is in her IMDB about them. Told to get a nose job and probably a thousand other unnecessary things, but she didn't listen. Stuck to her guns and not only owned who she was, but kinda showed those critics whats what w each of her accumulating accomplishments. Just remember, one mans weed is another's rose. The only opinion that matters when it comes to your appearance, is yours! #LikeWhatYouLike #BoldlyBeUniquelyYou !!!! Let em' hate while you live this life you've been given!! And can we take a sec to marvel at her hair here?!?! #HairGoals if ever there were any.

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