Thursday, April 12, 2018

~ Motivation Monday ~ March 19th, 2018 ~ Boldly Be Uniquely You ~

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When You Get So Tickled You Need Your Inhaler....and a Seeing Eye Dog!! #MotivationMonday, I Know I Say This A Lot, but, #LikeWhatYouLike #BoldlyBeUniquelyYou!! We Never Truly Know What Someone Else is Battling on a Day to Day Basis. I Struggle w This, but I Try Very Hard to Keep in Mind That My Smile to Someone, My How Are You, My I Love Your Hair/Shirt/Etc., Very Well May Be the Only Sunshine They Get That Day.

I'm Not Saying it's About ME Giving Them MY Attention or Kind Word, No! I'm Saying it's SOMEONE/ANYONE Giving Them Positive Attention or a Kind Word!!!! One of the Young Ladies That Works at the Pharmacy Has Made a Point to Say Twice That She'd Like to Claim Me as Family Cause We Have the Same Last Name & I Say Things She Thinks, LoL!! My Response?! YES, GIRL!!!! We are Family!!!! I Mean...We are Southern, the Odds are There. But Its Just Wild to Me How God Chooses to Use Us as We Are! Your Quirks, Your Uniqueness, Your "flaws", Your Loud Mouth, It ALL Has Purpose!!

LET. HIM. USE. YOU!!!! It Isn't a Burden, It's a Privilege & a Answer to a Calling, When We Give Ourselves Over to the Lord to Be Used For His Kingdom. Let Him Use You Today. Let Him Use Your Special & Specific You-Ness!! 

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