Thursday, April 19, 2018

~ New Music Monday ~ April 9th, 2018 ~ Lady Outlaws ~

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I May Be the Only One, but I Read the Books Inside a CD. I Read the Names of the Creative Souls that Made These Tunes That Will Soundtrack Parts of My Life. I Read the Thank You’s, the Vision, the Artists Last Words for the Project as They Let It Out Their Fingers & Hand it Over for Printing & Then I Cry. I Cry for the Joy They Must Feel Having Accomplished This Task. I Cry for the Nerves They Must Feel Awaiting the Worlds Feedback on Their Hearts Sacrifice. Because the Lyrics Say Everything I’m Thinking. Cause the Melodies are Perfect.
I Cry b/c the One Pictured Here is Female & Radio Will More Than Likely Not Give Her the Air Time She Deserves. I Cry b/c the One Pictures isn’t “traditional” Country & So Some Will Automatically Snub It, They Will Also Miss Out On Some if the Most Celestial Sounds Ever Tracked, but I Digress. I Cry b/c @spaceykacey Is Only One of Many Female Artists Not Getting the Air Time They Deserve!! I Cry b/c as a “Fan” My Voice Seems SO Impossibly Small!!!!
These Days the #Outlaws of Country are #Female!! They are the BA’s Ruffling Feathers, Marching to Their Own Beat, Making Music by Their Own Rules via Outlets Like Social Media, Kick Starter, Etc. & They are Making GOOD Music!! It isn’t About One of Them Getting to “the top”, it’s About ALL of Them Getting to the Top!!!! Request Female Artists, Download/Stream Female Artists, Buy in Store & On Line fr Female Artists!! As Females We Aren’t Interested in Doing What a Man Can Do & Doing it Better, We Want to Do What a Man Can’t!!!

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