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~ Discount Diva ~ Holiday Gift Giving & Ebates ~ Breaking it Down ~

Before we get this gift giving party started I HAVE to remind you about shopping online through Ebates . I wouldn't be a proper Deal Diva or friend if I didn't . When starting your online shopping through you are setting your self up to receive back a percentage of what you spent . Cyber Monday is just around the corner and with the inevitable deals that will be online this is just icing on the cake . I no longer shop online WITH OUT starting at Ebates .

What is Ebates and how does it work , breaking it down ? Ebates is a web site that partners with online shops to provide coupons, discount codes , as well as a percentage back from your total purchase . You create a personal account that you will then sign into every time you want to online shop . Once signed in you type in the store you are wanting to shop into the search bar or click on one of the stores already on their home page , Ebates will then pull up a variety of discount codes , coupons, etc. and alert you to what percentage that particular store is offering back on your total purchase . On days such as Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday stores often double their percentage of cash back ! With your first Ebates purchase you will automatically receive a bonus gift card of your choice from a selection offered by several companies . After your initial purchase Ebates will keep up with the cash back you earn and after about 6 months you will be mailed a " BIG FAT CHECK " !!!! A real life , actual take to the bank and cash/deposit check . I wouldn't be recommending if I hadn't already used and totally approved of this service . So , as your friend , I promise this is a great idea and there is NO CATCH . I have been using for well over 3 years .  I have friends who have used Ebates for everything from wedding supplies to booking their honeymoon . The list of stores that work in collaboration with Ebates is HUGE . So , do yourself and your wallet a holiday favor and go check it out !

Now , onto my Gift Giving Guide for 2014 . While talking online shopping let me refer you to my post from 2013 , " Get Your Purse , We're Going Shopping ! " . Today was shop local/ shop small business Saturday . This previous post is filled with small business owners that I have shopped with or know personally, trust and recommend as a resource for your Holiday Gift Giving . If you do end up doing some online shopping this year I would like to send you to this previous post " Holiday To Do ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpse " on how to make good use of all those boxes and bags that items are shipped in . I have learned that some companies save the pretty for inside of the box . Over time" flipping " boxes has become one of my favorite " Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose " items .
Next , a DIY gift , A Ticket on the Holiday Express is a previous post from 2012 of a DIY gift that I sent to several of my friends and their children that year . It started with a home made " mix tape " of some Christmas tunes . I then added a packet of microwave popcorn  and created a " ticket " that instructed everyone to get in their comfy warm jammies , pop their popcorn , grab a drink and the " mix tap " and pile into the car . Setting the scene for a fun drive of looking at Christmas lights in the comfort of your own warm car while Christmas Carols fill the back ground noise and popcorn fills your tummy . A lot of my friends had their first child or small children that year and I thought this DIY gift could be the beginning of a wonderful family tradition for them all . For all the specifics of that DIY you can click here . I mean , who doesn't LOVE seeing Christmas lights ?! It is so magical and pretty !
" Mistle ~ Toes " - this inexpensive and quick little gift has become one of my favorite to keep on hand not just at Christmas time, but throughout the year . Sometimes I make them with a particular person in mind and sometimes I just keep a couple "generic" ones on hand for just in case . " Mistle~Toes " is a bottle of nail polish , nail file , usually a chap stick or lip gloss and sometimes a pocketBac or travel size lotion placed into a cute bag . Last year I purchased super cute bags at the Dollar Tree and still have some left over for this year ! In this previous post " Nail Polish on a Winters Day " & " Breaking it Down ~ Stockpiling~ What is it and Why Should I Do It ? "   I share how to get nail polish at amazing prices to keep in your stock especially for these types of gifts .
This year my deal comes from Wal - Mart !! That's right , Wal - Mart !! Earlier this fall I noticed that they have super cute infinity scarves bundled 2 to a pack for the amazing price of $4 . 97 !!! TWO SCARVES FOR LESS THAN FIVE BUCKS !!!!!! I'm sorry , but year around that is a good deal . Plus , they had a huge variety and super cute colors , prints , etc . Needless to say I made a mental note for future gift giving and the Christmas Season . Then , several weeks ago I noticed a new display filled with $1. 00 earrings , bracelets , hair ties , and a few other odds and ends . Immediately I thought the earrings would make a great companion to a scarf . So , If you bought say one pack of scarves at $4 . 97 and two sets of earrings for $1 .00 each that could potentially be two gifts for less than $4 per gift . AND they're super CUTE to top it off !!! Now , I don't know about you, but most of the people I would gift get for aren't all about what was spent . They care more about the thought which has always been my gift giving motto , " it's not the cost , but the thought that counts " . So, I know none of them are gonna mind that I got a great deal on their super cute gift . For my friends who read my blog and will be getting this gift........just act surprised . I know you understand I HAD to share this deal .
sorry these aren't the best pics , but hopefully
they will give you a good enough idea
What will you be making or purchasing this year for Christmas gifts ? Do you have any amazing deals or adorable DIY's you would like to share ? Please feel free to comment below . You can also click on any of the highlighted links throughout this post and previous posts to go directly to the pages , web sites , etc . mentioned .

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas !!

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