Sunday, December 18, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ December 12th, 2016 ~ Cast Your Anxiety on Him ~

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~ Pic fr Jesus Calling - Regram ~

Unless You Have Experienced True Anxiety for Yourself it Really Just Seems Like Another Word that is Over Used. Anyone Who Has in the Past or Currently Does, Struggle w Anxiety Based Issues Knows There is No Way to Understand How Difficult the Application of this Verse Can Be Until You've Felt that Weight in Your Chest, White Noise in Your Mind & General Numbing All Over. It Isn't That One Doesn...'t Want to Give It Up. It Isn't That They Haven't Tried. It Is No Reflection on Their Quiet Time, Prayer Life or General Relationship w The Lord. Somethings We Have to Give Over to Him Every Day. Other Things it is More Like Every Hour & Thats Where I'm Currently @ When it Comes to My Anxiety. Just to be 100% on the Real. One Moment I Feel Completely in Control, Trusting the Lord, & at Complete Peace that Even My Mistakes Can Be Used For His Glory & Thats What its All For Anyway. Another Moment I am Questioning Everything I've Ever Known. I Doubt Myself, My Callings & My God. That is One of the Many Ways Anxiety Works. It is Anything, but Consistent in its Ways. Its Like Living Every Moment w Someone Walking Behind You w a Gun in the Small of Your Back. You Know That @ Any Moment the Trigger Could Get Pulled w No Warning or Warranted Cause & In a Second You Will Be Brought to Your Knees. I Do NOT Know How Folks w/o Jesus Our Savior Walk Through This Life. I NEED Him Every Single Day. Anxiety Riddled or At Complete Peace. Its Hard for Folks That Have Known Me For Years to Understand or Grasp That I Struggle w Anxiety & Thats OK. I'm Not Asking Anyone to Understand Those Inner Workings. I'm Just Asking That One Would Understand Everyone, Including Myself, Are Doing the Very Best That They Can, For Who They Are @ the Moment. Lets Hand Out Grace w Our Holiday Greetings this Year.

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