Friday, December 23, 2016

~ Discount Diva ~ Christmas 2016 ~ The Eleventh Hour of Gift Buying ~

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Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!!!! Today I finally finished the Christmas to-do's that HAD to be done before Christmas. I still have holiday to-do's, but they can all wait until after the weekend. I wasn't sure if anyone was in the boat I was today in trying to get those few last minute things for under the tree, but I thought I would share some idea's for those of you that still need gift idea's, but have no time to wait on shipping, etc.

I shared in my previous Christmas 2016 Discount Diva posts several gifts that I received for my birthday and highly recommend for your Christmas gift giving. I do my best to not recommend anything that I haven't tried myself or know the business/owner personally. Both of the gifts previously suggested are subscription based services which is where I am going to suggest getting your last minute Christmas gifts. But first, to read my reviews on NETFLIX , Blue Apron, or for Magazine suggestions just click on the highlighted links or type "Netflix", "Blue Apron" or "Magazine" into the blogs search bar.

If you are a Coca~Cola Coke Points or Kellogg's Family Rewards collector you can often find subscriptions to a variety of things in their merch shops online. Magazine Subscription, Netflix, Spotify, Blue Apron, gym membership, theme park season pass, concert tickets, gift certificates, Birch Box, Redbox codes, Shutterfly codes, a wine club, the list is seriously endless as far as subscription-esq services out there. One of the many things that make this kind of gift fun is that it is often a more than a one time deal. As in the receiver of the subscription will get several "gifts" or opportunities for use, through out a certain period of time. Many have options of 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions/memberships. With services such as Birch Box you get new products with every box so, it's like celebrating for months. Which I, personally, LOVE!!! Y'all know how I feel about mail, LOL!

Some of you may think that this is no fun because there is nothing to wrap, put under the tree and unwrap on Christmas morning, but you can actually get creative with that. Print out the confirmation page from your online order/reservation/ticket confirmation, etc. and place it in a box, picture frame, envelope, or even in an ornament for giving pizazz to the gifting method. One year my grandparents hid some of my presents around the house and I had to hunt for them. It was different and fun and given that Christmas' are a little different now that we are all getting older it is a memory I really appreciate having. Gift giving can be so much fun. I've said it before, I'll say it again, it really is about the thought for most folks and not the expense. One year, when 4 of my college besties and I lived in a house together we did the draw names method of gift giving. I mean, we all where either in school, working our first "real" jobs, or both so, even with 5 people splitting bills we lived on budgets. Drawing names made it super fun. We all got each other little stocking stuffers that weren't expensive and then the "main" gift for each person was from whomever drew your name. One of the roommates did the scavenger hunt with her gift. There where clues wrapped in boxes, stuffed in stockings, and around the house. Our house was two stories with a basement and attic so, it was a lot to run around, but we sure did run all over that house and it was a blast. I even have some of it on video. Again, none of us spent a lot of money, but that Christmas is another memory that I'm always going to cherish.

I know it is 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Eve and you may be feeling a little gift giving hopeless, but don't!!!! I hope this post helps get your last minute creative juices flowing. Merry Christmas and Happy Gift Giving!!!!

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