Sunday, December 4, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ December 2nd, 2016 ~ Christmas Decorations Gained Over Time ~


Sometimes Holiday Decor is About Resourcefulness, Reusing, & Just Being OK W/ Things Not Always Looking Like A Pinterest Pic or the Pic You Had in Your Mind. Some of These Decorations Are Gifts fr Christmas Past. The Nativity, As I Shared Before, was Made by Two of My Besties & Was A Gift. The Teddy Bear Wreath is Sixteen Years Old!!! My First Off Campus Roomie & I Got it to Go On Our First Off Campus Apartment Door. The Snow Man Door Hanger is from Last Year & the @dollargeneral. I Think it Cost $4.00.  The Door Mat is fr @biglots & is Heavy Enough to Hopefully Stay in its Place. It Isn't Unusual for My Neighbors to See Me Chasing Down My Door Mats b/c of Wind. Lol!!! The Ribbons on the Porch are fr the #DollarTree. I Would Love to Put a Little Tree on Either Side of the Front Door, but That Will Just Have to Wait for Another Christmas.

My Point? Not Everything Has to Happen All @ Once. I Love that I Still Have that First Off Campus Apartment Wreath fr Sixteen Years Ago!!! I Love That w $2 I Can Make My Porch Look Like its Held Up by Candy Canes. Take Your Time. Enjoy the Building of Memories that Comes w Making, Purchasing, Reusing & Receiving Decor Throughout Your Journey. I Can Promise You'll Get More fr it All Through the Years Than if You Had Purchased it All at Once.

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