Thursday, December 29, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ December 24th, 2016 ~ Christmas Cards ~

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When I Was Growing Up My Mamaw Always Sent A Ton of Christmas Cards. She Would Also Get A Ton in Return. As Time Has Gone On She Hasn't Been Able to Send Them & The Other Day She Told Me it Just Breaks Her Heart That She Doesn't Have the Energy to Do That Anymore. She Said She Had Always Loved Sending Christmas Cards & it Was Like Reaching Out & Giving That Person A Hug. I Agree. While I Do Not Send Nearly as Many as She Did, & I'm Sure I Miss People Every Year, Even w My On Going Lists, LoL! I Like to Think That I Have A Little Bit Picked Up Where Mamaw Has Had to Leave Off. ~ Thank You to Everyone That Have Sent A Card. I Know its Just Paper, but I Truly Appreciate Getting the Updates, Pictures & Love. My Mom Was Going Through My Cards & Asking Who Each Was From & I Loved How Many Times My Answer Was, "a former student", "one of my RA's" (cause yes, I still consider you apart of my team even now), & "Friend fr College". It Reaffirms for Me That God Has Been w Me All Along the Way & He Has Blessed Me W Beautiful, Thoughtful People in My Life at the Exact Times I've Needed Each of Them. He is a Caring, Relational God. I Truly Believe That All of Us Keeping Up W One Another,
Even if it is Just Once A Year, Pleases Him. Our Relational God Made Us Relational People, In His Image.

Love You All & Thank You Again for Thinking of Me!!!

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