Saturday, December 10, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ December 5th, 2016 ~ Sparkly Aunt Stacie ~

One of My Most Favorite Nick Names, and I Have a Few, is "Aunt Stacie". I'm So Grateful the Lord Sent Me the Friends He Has. Grateful That They Allow Me to be Aunt Stacie to Their Littles. I Genuinely Love Each One of Them & How Different They All Are From One Another. I Find Myself Praying for Them Often and Am So Proud When I See their Little Individuality. We are at a Place Now Where They Are Becoming these Little Adults. It's Amazing to Me to Watch Them Grow, Learn, and Decide Who They Wanna Be. Seeing This in My Mail The Other Morning Totally Made My Day. I, Out Loud, Said "Yeah!!!" When Pulling it Out of The Mail Box and Seeing it Addressed to Aunt Stacie, Lol!!!

Growing Up I Often Wished/Prayed for Siblings, but That Wasn't the Lords Plans. Not at Least in the Way One Might Think. He Has Given Me More "Siblings" Than I Ever Dreamed by Way of Friendships. That's One of the Many, Amazing, Wonderful Things About Our Savior, He ALWAYS Hears Our Prayers and While it May Take Time and They May Not Get Answered Exactly as You Imagined, He Does ALWAYS Answer Our Prayers.

Happy Motivation Monday Loves!!! Keep Your Eyes, Mind and Heart Opened to the Varied Ways in Which the Lord May be Answering Your Prayers. Also, There is Good News and Their is Bad News.

Good News: My Glitter Stash has Been Properly Restocked Thanks to One of My Most Favorite Tribes, #TheSalyers.

Bad News: My Glitter Stash has Been Properly Restocked. Consider Yourself Warned, Lol!!!

Thank You Salyers' For Thinking of Me & Accepting/Fueling My Love of Sparkle!!!

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