Thursday, December 29, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ Motivation Monday ~ December 26th, 2016 ~ Set Yourself Free ~

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Motivation Monday ~ A New Year is Just A Days Away. Folks Are Already Planning Their Resolutions, Diets, & Other Varied Goals, Including Myself. I Don't Like to Call Them Resolutions. I Couldn't Exactly Tell You Why. I Call Mine a To~Do List for the Year. I Also Tell Myself That Its OK if I Don't Get Them All Marked Off. Somethings Make More Time Than Others. Whatever You Call Your Plans for A New Year or Even If You Hesitate to Even Consider What a New Year May Hold or Require of You Just Keep in Mind, He Already Knows. He Goes Before You. Fear is Useless When God Has Made Your Plans. Don't Fear A New Direction if He is the One Working the GPS.

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