Sunday, December 18, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ December 17th, 2016 ~ "First Things First, I'm the Realest" ~

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~ Me Trying to Finish Christmas To~Do's ~
As Iggy Azalea Would Say, "First Things First, I'm the Realest". As I Mentioned Before, I Have Two Personal Styles, Homeless or Over Done. Yesterday Was Homeless. One of the Many Reasons I Relocated to My Home Town was to Be Available for My Grandparents. Yesterday That Meant Running to Get Them Lunch on the Fly. Sunglasses, Sweats, Wet Hair in a Pony, Flops & Lip Gloss Tends to be My Uniform More Often Than Anything Else.

Yes, I Love Getting Dolled Up. No, I Do Not Want to Blind People w My Appearance When Make-Up-Less. I Wear the Over Sized Shades. I Wear Them for Your Safety Not Mine, LOL!! And Yes, I Enjoy a Compliment on My Appearance as Much as the Next Gal. But I Post This b/c it is Freeing to Not Give a Crap.

Anyone Who is Gonna be Apart of Your Life in a Real Way is Going to Eventually See You Make-Up-Less, See You When You're Sick, See You When You Only Manage to Line One Eye & Anyone Else Who Might Have Something to Say Shouldn't Really Matter to You.

You Be You, Love!!! Glam, Dialed Back, Organic, Somewhere in the Middle, Whoever You Are Let No One Make You Feel Bad for Being True to You. How's the Saying Go? "Those Who Mind Don't Matter, And Those Who Matter, Don't Mind.". This World is Filled w Distractions Meant to Keep Us Down. I Hope This Encourages You to Let Appearance Be One Less Distraction or Weight on Your Shoulders. 

Both Pics Were Taken Outside. Neither Pic Has a Filter or Edit. Just to Break it Down For Ya.

Image may contain: 2 people, sunglasses, selfie and closeup

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